About our team

James Vermont (They/Him)

Lead Writer / Voice of Mr. Silverstone

James Vermont is a South African writer and animator, having graduated in 2018 from AFDA with a BA in the Motion Picture Medium.

Since 2013, Vermont has been involved in volunteer and freelance script writing for animations and audio drama before co-founding EAST Corp Productions in 2016 and beginning to work on original projects such as Aria Moon, Untypical and the animated series, Sunset Charlie.

The greatest difficulty facing Vermont in the writing of Aria Moon has been giving the title character Vermont’s own disability, a balance and co-ordination disorder that results in the use of a walking stick. In many ways, Aria Moon is a personal story for Vermont as they express their frustrations with a system that shuns disability.

Contact via Email: Jam3sV3rmont@gmail.com

Cinder Script (She/Her)

Producer / Voice of Connor and Conor

Cinder Script is a writer, voice actress, director, and chronically overworked soda addict. She is a longtime member of EAST Corp Productions, producer of guest writer for Who Needs Heroes, Aria Moon? Beyond that, she also provides the voices behind Conor and Connor.

Contact via Discord: Cinder Script#0419

Madeline Goshorn (She/Her)

Voice of Aria Moon / Primary Narration

Maddy Goshorn grew up in the Washington D.C. area. She always had a passion for cartoons as a child and it never seemed to go away. And while her love of voice acting has not faltered, she became more and more fascinated with the story making process.

She’s done theater for years and has a mix of musical, Shakespeare, and dramatic experience under her belt. After a few small encounters with Voice Acting she quickly fell in love with it. The combination of doing silly voices and the platform of performing more versatile characters, felt like her heaven on earth. Maddy studied with Edge Studio and The Global Voice Acting Academy under David Rosenthal. All the while honing the craft with projects at East Corp Productions, Haunted Jukebox Entertainment, Crazy Monkey Studios, and creating her own works at Leeched Talent and Determinal Velocity.

Contact via Email: maddygoshorn@gmail.com

Kriz Blessings (She/Her)

Voice of F.H.I.D.G.D (Fidget)

Kriz Blessings is a Norwegian voice actor playing the role of the A.I. fidget. She enjoys bringing the character to live with a hyperactive cadence and delightful tone of voice. It’s important to Kriz that she has fun on whatever project she finds herself in. Her previous work for EAST Corp includes her marathon performance as The Red Ranger in Confessions of a Wasteland Pony Episode 8.

Contact via Email: terukristin44@gmail.com

Cayla Simpson (She/Her)

Voice of Madame Shale

Cayla Simpson is an actor and singer/songwriter who is currently working on her first single. She performs on both stage and screen and loves to lend her voice to projects that she believes in.

She also loves to explore a variety of other creative spaces, like makeup artistry, special effects and music production.

Contact via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caylasimpson/?hl=en