Something Old, Something New.

Here’s the thing. 

I have twenty completed episodes of this audio drama series sitting on my computer hard drive. 

I have a document open containing the outline for season 2 and I’ve even written some of those episodes. The hard part of making this show, the first season at least, should be over.

But obviously that’s not the case. Because now I have to market it.

And I suck at marketing.

I made a documentary last year, a whole-entire feature length documentary. And people who aren’t socially obliged to enjoy my work, i.e. people who aren’t my friends/family, told me it was great! Very few people watched it, though.

So it’s clear that I need to do a better job of marketing. Especially since this isn’t even my first run at Aria Moon. The first season has released, in its entirety, on the EAST Corp Productions youtube channel. I’ll even link it for you!

Unfortunately, my poor marketing means that our viewership dropped off from 600+ views on episode 1 to 150 views on episode 20. It could also be that the show is just awful and I’m deluding myself, but the people who DID stick around really enjoyed themselves. So I have to wonder if I’ve been bringing this show to the right audience. 

EAST Corp, after all, started out as a home for mine and my partners’ Fallout Equestria audio dramas. The shift from Pony/Fallout content to completely original content hasn’t been received with entirely open arms.

So, what do we do now?

We try again.

We never released the original version of the series onto audio-only platforms, and now that we’re taking the chance to do just that, we’ve also taken this as a chance to improve the quality of the first season. Applying a better and wider use of music to each episode, tightening the dialogue cutting, re-recording some lines and -most of all- creating a full soundscape for each episode. 

The version of Aria Moon being uploaded, once per week, onto audio-only platforms is absolutely a superior version of the show to the original. And I am incredibly excited to bring this series to a new audience, to try again.

So we’ll see you in a few days… Hell, maybe, if I’ve done my job right, we’ll even see you in 20 weeks, when the season 1 finale airs once again.

Your’s nervously,

James Vermont

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